Bluebird Medical Supply

Stair Lift Sales, Installation, Service

Bluebird Medical Supply of Montana is your local solution to regaining independence in your home. We provide stair lift sales, maintenance and repair to Montana and Wyoming from our offices in Bozeman. Our friendly, licensed and certified staff will provide free instant estimates, prompt service and a guaranteed product that you can trust to remove the barrier of stairs in your home.

Stair lifts starting at $3995. Call us at 406-585-2860 for instant estimates.

What is a stair lift?

Stairlifts are installed on and around existing staircases in your home, providing access to your entire house.

Stair lifts provide safe, easy, and affordable access to your entire home. A stair lift is a seat attached to a motorized rail which climbs up and down stairs. Installation of a stair lift attaches the motorized rail to an existing stair case, allowing you to climb or descend like normal.

Stairlifts for Your Home

Our stair lifts are the slimmest stair lifts on the market, taking up only 10 ¾” of your staircase when folded up. The stair lift has a retractable seatbelt, adjustable armrests, a 3 year warranty and 350 lbs. capacity.

Stair Lift Installation

Our staff is licensed and certified to install and customize stairlifts for your home. Bluebird Medical Supply will match or beat prices or install times. We provide prompt service and most stairlift installations are completed in less than 30 days. Call us for an instant estimate for your home. (406) 585-2860

Curved Staircases, Platforms and Landings

We can install stair lifts over almost any existing stair case including curved stair cases and segmented stair cases with landings. Call us today to chat with our certified and licensed installer about your home’s special needs.

Serving Montana and Wyoming

Bluebird Medical Supply is based in Bozeman, in the southwest corner of Montana. We provide stair lift sales, installation and service throughout the state of Montana, all the way north to the Hi-Line, throughout the state of Wyoming, and northeast Idaho.