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DonJoy Knee Braces

Bluebird Medical Supply provides DonJoy knee brace sales, maintenance and fitting, including both off-the-shelf models as well as custom knee braces, for patients recovering from knee surgery or athletes competing in high-impact sports who want to play-on in the face of injury or surgery.

Call Bluebird Medical Supply at (406) 585-2860 or email Dr. McDowell directly for more information on orthopedic knee bracing or to schedule a knee brace fitting appointment.

DonJoy knee braces

DonJoy knee braces, maintenance and parts

DonJoy is the leading brand of orthopedic knee braces, providing custom-fit, carbon fiber knee brace models for moderate-to-severe ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities in a variety of sizes and colors including specific models for children and athletes. Bluebird Medical Supply is an authorized reseller of DonJoy knee braces and can provide warranty, maintenance and replacement parts after-sale.

Fitting and follow-up care

Our on-site physical therapists, headed by Dr. Milica McDowell, are certified to customize knee braces to the individual and their specific knee injuries. These experienced doctors are trained to correctly measure you for a custom knee brace, adjust it to ensure it properly fits and then provide follow up care through the life of your brace. We work closely with reps from our manufacturers and if you need additional information or have a unique or highly complex case, our office can bring in additional help from our manufacturing teams.

Pre- or post-surgery fitting

If you know you are going to be having a knee surgery, we can make sure you have a knee brace ready to protect your post-surgery knee so you can get on the path to recovery. We also work with patients who have just had or recently had knee surgery.

Non-surgery fitting

Some athletes or construction contractors who are at significant risk for knee injury may benefit from a knee brace as well. We can schedule an initial consultation with our physical therapy staff to discuss your individual needs.

Post-fitting adjustments

Bluebird Medical Supply provides up to three brace adjustments free of charge. Most patients require 0-1 adjustments after their first visit.

Warranty and Repair

We warranty and repair braces. Depending on the severity and specific type of damage we can also send it to the manufacturer for repairs.

Icing, compression and other medical supplies for post-surgery patients

In addition to knee bracing, Bluebird Medical Supply can provide crutches and ice claws as well as ice machines and compression sleeves to manage and reduce swelling for patients recovering from knee surgery and other orthopedic surgeries. Our physical therapy partner provides access to the only Alter-G treadmill in Montana. This unique treadmill uses air pressure to offset bodyweight, allowing patients to begin moving sooner after surgery.

We deliver

While knee braces require an in-person appointment to fit the brace to the individual, we can deliver crutches, ice machines and compression sleeves to you.

Covered by insurance

Health insurance providers generally cover both the cost as well as the necessary physical therapy services for fitting and care of knee braces. Whether or not your specific insurance will cover a brace depends on your insurance carrier and where you are within your deductible for the year. You must have a prescription to order a knee brace as they are medical grade and by prescription only. Your insurance will cover part of all of the bracing costs if your doctor has recommended it for an approved medical condition, you have a proper prescription, etc.

Contact us at (406) 585-2860 to inquire about your specific health insurance coverage.

Professional, downtown location

Bluebird Medical Supply is located in the Clearwater Physical Therapy clinic. We provide a quiet, professional medical patient experience with private exam rooms for fitting. Our ground floor office is conveniently located in downtown Bozeman on East Main Street between Ale Works and the Town Pump gas station and provides easy handicap access via the north-side parking lot.