Bluebird Medical Supply

Products & Equipment

Bath Seats / Grab Bars / Transfer Benches

We have bath chairs, transfer benches and many sizes of grab bars in stock in our Bozeman location. These items are typically purchased as insurance typically doesn’t cover them. Stop by downtown and our friendly staff will help you make the right choice for safety equipment for bath or shower time. We also offer installation services for grab and safety bars.

Medela Breast Pumps and Breastfeeding Supplies

Great news for all the moms to be and new moms out there! With recent changes in insurance, you are likely covered for a new breast pump! Bluebird Medical Supply carries Medela Breast feeding products and replacement parts.

Some insurances do not reimburse their members for supplies purchased on your own, (at a store like Target) and require that for your breastfeeding supplies to be covered, they must be purchased from a licensed Medical Equipment Supplier (like Bluebird Medical Supply). If you are wondering about your insurance coverage, please call our office at 406-585-2860 and our insurance staff can call on your behalf to help you find out the requirements on your particular plan.


Do you need a cane for long term or temporary use? Would a cane make a loved one feel safer in their home or when out in the community? We have many models to choose from and will properly fit the cane to each patient’s individual needs. Our staff is also trained to instruct patients in proper gait when using a cane.

Circulating Ice Machines

Circulating ice machines can keep an injured limb from swelling, hurting and being inflamed! We have Don Joy brand IceMan ice machines. They plug into the wall and circulate cold water through a pad to reduce post-opetative or post-injury pain! Circulating ice machines can also be used in the upper extremity or shoulder.

CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machines

Are you expecting a knee or hip surgery? If your doctor has recommended a CPM (or continuous passive motion) device, Bluebird has your solution! A CPM machine helps to provide ongoing passive range of motion exercise while you are resting following a knee or hip surgery. We have this device in stock and will not only set it up for you, we can deliver it to your home or hospital! CPM is a comfortable way to achieve range of motion goals immediately post-operation. Often your insurance will cover use of this device with a doctor’s prescription.


Our patients need crutches to relieve weight following injury or surgery. We have several brands and styles to choose from including pediatric crutches, as well as crutch accessories like ice claws for safety in wintry weather. Our on-site physical therapists will fit your crutches to accommodate your height, weight and lifestyle. We also will train you not just how to safely and properly use the crutches, but how to adjust the crutches in case a modification needs to made on the fly.

Custom Knee, Ankle and Back Bracing

We are pleased to offer Don Joy and ASO products, including both off the shelf back, knee and ankle braces as well as custom Don Joy knee braces, for patients recovering from surgery or just competing in high-impact sport.

Our team of Doctors of Physical Therapy provide custom knee bracing services. These doctors are trained to properly measure you for a custom brace, ensure it properly fits and then provider follow up care through the life of your brace.

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds can be needed following illness, injury or surgery. If you or a loved one needs a hospital bed, we are happy to work with you and your family to determine what features are needed.

We offer hospital beds for sale or rental. Our fleet is from the Invacare line, which is considered an industry leader. We offer manual, semi-electric and full electric beds for home use. Our inventory also offers numerous hospital bed mattresses from basic gel to mattresses designed to prevent skin breakdown issues.

We are able to work with you or your loved one’s care team to ensure that proper equipment is delivered and set up in a safe manner.

Insurance typically covers some or all of the rental of a hospital bed depending on the medical condition being treated. We also offer cash pay rates and payment plans if needed. We will meet or beat any competitor’s advertised pricing.

Knee Walkers & Rollabouts

If you’ve had an unexpected foot or ankle fracture, sprain or surgery, your provider may recommend use of a Knee Walker or Rollabout device. Bluebird Medical Supply is able to rent a knee walker (or rollabout) to help you get around town safely and efficiently while you are recovering.

Our Knee Walkers are heavy-duty and are able to lock in place for safety whether you are at home or on-the-go. The basket allows for hands-free carrying of your phone, wallet or tiny-sized dog.

Insurance typically covers rentals of these items and our friendly staff can look up your insurance benefits to see exactly what your coverage level is.

Pregnancy Support / SI Belts

Pregnancy and SI (Sacro-Iliac) stabilization belts are often recommended by doctors. These belts can help reduce pain during pregnancy or if a patient has difficulty with pain in the lower back. Our staff physical therapist is able to provide clinical consultation to help patients find the support equipment that is right for their body and condition.

Sports & Medical Compression

We offer medical grade and sports compression. Athletes can recover faster after strenuous workouts and those will swelling issues can find relief with compression socks. Great for airplane flights, too!

Stair Lifts

Bluebird Medical Supply sells, installs and maintains stair lifts in Montana and Wyoming. We have an on-staff, fully-licensed stair lift installer and elevator mechanic to provide quick, professional service. Installation of a stair lift removes the barrier of stairs, giving you unobtrusive, safe and secure access to your entire home.


Are you looking for a walker with wheels, brakes, a seat, or simple features? We are happy to offer various walkers to meet each patient’s individual needs.

Whether you temporarily need a walker to recover from surgery, or are using one for long-term mobility, our friendly staff will help fit your walker properly and ensure you and your family are comfortable with its operation.

Wheelchair Rentals & Sales

We carry Invacare Wheelchairs in numerous sizes. We have several models to choose from with many options in armrests, cushions, brakes, wheelie bars, seat size and wheel size.

Bluebird Medical Supply also provides scooter repairs. We can get your transportation running smoothly. New batteries? Reprogramming? We’ve got you covered! Our technician Chuck has many years of experience and many satisfied customers! We will meet or beat any price on scooter repairs